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  • Throughfall collector overhead view

    Throughfall Collector

    The ICT International Throughfall Collector is designed for installation in environments where a conventional rainfall collector would not be suitable, such as sub-tropical/tropical rainforest or other dense canopy environments. Comprising a tipping bucket rain gauge, an internally powered ML-ERi Datalogger, and a purpose built collecting frame, the Throughfall collector is designed for long term installation…

  • TRG-04 Rain Gauge

    TR4-RG Rain Gauge

    The TR4-RG is a rugged and reliable rain gauge tipping bucket with 0.2 mm resolution. Featuring an anodised aluminium collector with knife-edge, exceptional splash-out protection, digital pulse output, and plate or pole based mounting options plus leaf grid included as standard. Maintenance consists of routine cleaning of debris from the filter screen, and occasional calibration…

  • PRP Rain Gauge

    PRP-02 Professional Rain Gauge

    PRP-02 Rain Gauge

  • RIM Rain Gauge (Orchard)

    RIM-7499 Rain Gauge

    Rain Gauge Standard