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RIM-7499 Rain Gauge

The RIMCO RIM-7499 range of siphon controlled tipping bucket rain gauges are professional instruments designed and constructed for long-term operation with minimal maintenance under all climatic conditions. All materials are corrosion resistant. These proven instruments are accurate to within 3% up to rainfall rates of 190mm/hr.

The RIM-7499-STD (standard) comes with a lower specification funnel and calibration than the RIM-7499-BOM (Bureau Of Meteorology) version. The STD version is ultimately the ideal low-cost alternative to the BOM version. The lower cost RIM-7499-STD can however, be ordered with the higher specification 1% BOM calibration.

Rain falling on the 203mm collecting funnel is directed through a siphon control unit and discharges as a steady stream into a two-compartment bucket mounted in an unstable equilibrium. As each compartment fills, the bucket tilts alternately about its axis. Each tip forces a contact closure by magnetic means corresponding to 0.2 of rainfall. A calibration certificate is supplied with every RIM-7499 rain gauge.

RIM Rain Gauge (Orchard)

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