ICT International

Advancing soil, plant and environmental decision making

Plant Monitoring Solutions
ICT International provide solutions for measuring plant water use, plant water stress, canopy health and photosynthetic activity
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Soil Monitoring Solutions
ICT International has an extensive range of soil measurement solutions, both in situ and laboratory measurements.
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Environmental Monitoring Solutions
Measuring all aspects of environmental factors including light, temperature, weather parameters, and water quality
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IoT Solutions
An extensive range of integrated IoT solutions enables the connection of parameters relevant for the measurement of soil, plants, and environmental interactions.
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A science led innovation company, ICT International delivers the world's best decision making solutions focused on plant water use, plant water potential, and soil moisture management.​

About ICT International

ICT International design and develop science-led instrument solutions. For over 40 years, ICT International has been applying scientific first principles to the development of innovative measurement instruments and solutions for soil, plant, and environmental parameters.

Together, we are empowering global action to build a sustainable future.

Photograph of the ICT International Mann Street Armidale building
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Sap Flow Measurement

Learn the basics of sap flow and how the heat ratio method works. Get answers on frequently asked questions. Read more.

PSY1 Psychrometer

An extensive range of case studies and applications for the PSY1 Psychrometer as well as installation guidance, configuration, calibration process, and calculations. Read more.

Calculations, technical details and the principles of measurements

For over 40 years, ICT International has been working on measurements driven by first principles. This reliance on first principles ensures quality measurements are made, and the best data is available for decision making. Full details of the calculations and the principles of measurements can be found here.