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  • Tomography ARBOTOM® Series 6

    The ARBOTOM® is a novel impulse tomography that enables an inside view of condition of trees and round wood. Hidden decay, invisible cavities, and cracks and how large they are become visible with Arbotom using sound impulses. Stress waves travel through sound wood faster than through damaged wood. Sensors around the tree measure the time it takes an impulse to travel through the wood and reach the other sensors.

  • Rinntech Drywood Borer

    Drywood Borer

    The RINNTECH Increment Borer is used for taking 5mm (~1/5″) increment cores from trees and (intact) timber. The borer can be driven manually or by a portable drill. For long term use, the borer can be re-sharpened.

  • DYNATIM™ Series 3

    DYNATIM™ is a sensitive system recording even minimal movements of trees – or wooden constructions.


    Tree-ring analysis on wood surfaces.

  • LINTAB™ 6

    Measuring tree rings requires high precision and a reliable method of measuring. LINTAB™ easily meets these requirements, and is furthermore easy to handle, ergonomic, robust and weatherproof. Both cookies (cross section, disc, disk, stem disc, transverse section) and cores can be measured. Together TSAP-Win™ and LINTAB™ are a strong team for analysing tree rings.


    The RESISTOGRAPH® is the world leading technology for tree and timber inspections. The RESISTOGRAPH® is engineered to the highest German standards and can drill through any hardwood timber. The RESISTOGRAPH® is the essential tool for any serious arborist to detect the inner condition of trees or wooden structures.