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The RESISTOGRAPH® is The RESISTOGRAPH® is the world leading technology for tree and timber inspections. The RESISTOGRAPH® is engineered to the highest German standards and can drill through any hardwood timber. The RESISTOGRAPH® is the essential tool for any serious arborist to detect the inner condition of trees or wooden structures.

The RESISTOGRAPH® has been completely redesigned based on our experience with thousands of applications. It has now become even more powerful, and its computer-controlled feed control enables arborists to fully concentrate on the item to be examined. The speed and feed-rate control no longer must be pre-set. The measurement profiles are synchronously printed and additionally stored in the unit’s internal memory. You may transmit the data to your PC later and evaluate it with the DECOM™ software.

There are two models available for Australian and New Zealand arborists

  • R650-ED: RESISTOGRAPH® Series 6, High Density (tropical) hardwoods
    Especially suited for examination of extremely dense (tropical) hardwoods, too. Can be calibrated on density and later upgraded by Accessories and Software features.
  • R650-SC: RESISTOGRAPH® Series 6. Scientific 2D/3D research version (24 Sensors)
    For scientific Analysis: maximum possible resolution and Precision, calibrated on wood density.