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Real time IoT monitoring for aquaculture

Findings : Temperature, rainfall, and catchment runoff all impact aquaculture ope . . . Read More

IoT Enabled Urban Catchment Water Quality Monitoring Project

Findings : The South Creek corridor in Western Sydney is central to the future su . . . Read More

SFM for Irrigation water management for vines

Findings : Irrigation can be reduced by 50% of the current irrigation application . . . Read More

Monitoring soil moisture and salinity for greenspace managment

Findings : The ICT supported experiments at Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Cairn . . . Read More

Plant Water Use and Plant Water Stress of Coffee

Findings : Understanding the physiology of the coffee plant, the water requiremen . . . Read More

Application of Neutron Probe for measuring Soil Water Content

Findings : Soil water content measurements from neutron probe has improved irriga . . . Read More

Monitoring Bushfire and Wildfire Risk

Findings : Sensor based measurements of fuel and soil moisture as well as microcl . . . Read More