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Walz Webinar on Photosynthesis and Chlorophyll Fluorescence Research (August 2020)

The Walz company from Germany has been serving science for more than 40 years with sophisticated measuring devices for plant research. Technical progress in LED technology and other electronic components enables Walz to design instruments with unprecedented analytical potential. These novel devices drive progress in science. You can learn more about the company from this short video.

The DUAL-KLAS-NIR Spectrophotometer is a new development that measures chlorophyll fluorescence and fast absorbance changes in the near infrared spectrum. The absorption measurements permit detailed analysis at high time resolution of the redox states of the PS I reaction center (P700), its electron donor, plastocyanin, and its electron acceptor, ferredoxin. This new device will provide novel insights into the reaction dynamics of PS1, its interaction with PS II photochemistry and cyclic electron transfer around PS I.

There was a demonstration of photosynthetic control using the DUAL-KLAS-NIR Spectrophotometer. This demonstration was designed to have broad appeal to all scientists, as it is an important topic for all organisms, especially plants. This demonstration was followed by short overview of new developments at Walz GmbH and afterwards there was a question session with key Walz R&D application scientists.

2020 August 27th, 4PM AEST

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