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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

Wireless Telemetry Systems

Continued observation and monitoring of ecosystem functions and processes is becoming more and more important. These observations have a two-pronged goal of being able to conduct organism and ecological response assessment and to provide sound, factual and science-based management decisions. Overall, there is a deep motivation for this growing need; there is no denying that the natural environment in every corner of the planet we live in is experiencing a certain, if not huge, amount of pressure.

Essential to this endeavour is the use of accurate and reliable field instrumentation that are robust and easy to use. Field sensors must capture in-situ processes in plants, soil and the environment with a great level of detail based on proven and tested theories in environmental and biophysics. Moreover, smart sensors must be able to process and store field data that can be easily communicated to scientists, managers and decision makers.


Essential components of a wireless system:

Telemetry Hub for Consolidating, Storing and Uploading data.
Wireless Survey Kit
Data loggers, data is stored on MicroSD cards, integrated wireless communication.
Dataview/Dataview Web
– Integration into your ERP/Supply Chain software
Supply Chain

ICT International is open to integrating with/supplying instrumentation to ERP systems. From the ICT Universal Telemetry Hub to your management System.

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