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Smart Tree Project: At PLC Sydney + Who are we?

September 15, 2014 10:10 am

The following post is from: PLC Sydney’s Smart Tree Project Blog
Our school is very interested in the SMART Tree Project, and as a side project of our own, we are building a model of the lemon scented gum in our own school library. The junior school will be adding the external structure of the tree and the life found in and around the tree and the senior school will be adding the internal structure, cells xylem phloem and cambium layers. The tree will be built from the ground floor of the library to the second floor.

Currently, we have the scaffold of the tree, some floating oxygen molecules, and various decorations made by Science classes in both the junior and senior schools. Here is a photo of how it looks so far:


We also took some photos to introduce you to the lemon scented gum located in the PLC gardens, which we are using to conduct the SMART Tree Project, and the solar panel which provides the Sap Flow Meter with electricity.

Girls_pointing_1 Girls_solar_panel

And this is the Weather Station at our school which collects the other data such as temperature, wind speed and humidity. The weather station is located on the roof of our Performing Arts Centre and it sends radio wave signals to the Macindoe Research Centre (our school library) so that the data may be processed.

Weather_monitor Weather_monitor_closeup

And who are we? We are five PLC Sydney Year 10 students who are partaking in the SMART Tree Project which we shall be presenting at the 10th International Student Science Conference later this year at Nankai Highschool in Tianjin in China, accompanied by our Principal, Dr Paul Burgis, a member of the Science staff, Ms Hendricks, and some performers. From left to right, our names are Natalie Teh, Jingtong (Averlie) Wang, Catherine (Katie) Taylor, Emma Carnuccio and Hayley Ng.