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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

Professor Ian Chubb, Australia’s Chief Scientist visits ICT International

September 14, 2015 3:26 pm

Professor Ian Chubb, Australia’s Chief Scientist visited the ICT International manufacturing plant in Armidale, on the 3rd September 2015 where he viewed the manufacturing processes of the company’s unique plant science and soil science standalone data logging instruments.

Professor Chubb congratulated the ICT International team on their commitment to science research, development and innovation in producing the award winning line of instruments.


In essence, ICT International commenced an R&D program in 2006, dedicating 16-20% of annual turnover to research, design and manufacture the family of unique plant science and soil science standalone data logging instruments. ICT International was transformed from a net importer of finished scientific product to a net exporter of Australian IP, which is now exported to over 45 countries annually.

Our customers include the pre-eminent plant and soils scientists from around the world, who, aided by the SFM1 Sap Flow Meter, PSY1 Stem Psychrometer, and other ICT family instruments, are creating new knowledge to enable better global research outcomes, particularly in relation to plant water use.

Professor Chubb is charged with advancing science for a sustainable, prosperous Australia. He champions greater connections between business and science, to help businesses access research information that can drive innovation. He is also an inspiring advocate for business innovation: recently commenting that “Being an entrepreneur is never easy, no matter where you are, but one of the key things is to maintain the fire in the belly…And never be afraid of failure.”