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Tree-ring analysis on wood surfaces.

Computer program for analysing tree-rings on wood-surfaces.

  • Stem disks, sections, or increment cores
  • Images from scanners, cameras, X-ray images
  • Saving of ring-width and tree-ring density parameter time-series as well as grey-scale, density and colour-channel-profiles in readable Heidelberg ASCII-format (.FH)
Pro Exp Sci Different features for Different needs
X X X Manual setting of tree ring borders and saving of ring-width curve.
X X Automatic tree-ring detection in grey-scale profile. Saving of grey-scale profile and tree-ring density parameters.
X Density calibration of grey-scale profile (for example from x-ray scans) + Display, analysis, saving of density + colour-channel profiles (RED-GREEN-BLUE) with tree-ring density profile parameters.