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Software for the instant determination of the minimum required shellwall thickness of a tree, for smartphone, tablet or notebook/laptop.

  • Input: Tree height, height of lower edge of the crown, height and average diameter or the intact and decayed cross sections.
  • Output: minimum average intact stem-wall thickness in the damaged area that is required for stability.
  • Discounts available for RINNTECH® clients, students, neutral research and education institutions.

If a tree has internal defects, for example at the stem base, ArboRefT™ helps arborists immediately evaluate the structural stability by comparing the actual affected cross section with an unaffected cross section of the same trunk. The app determines the average shellwall thickness required in the affected area to provide the same breaking safety as the unaffected (reference) cross section.

Experts using a RESISTOGRAPH® will be able to determine the remaining average shell-wall thickness of the effected tree for immediate evaluation of structural stability with ArboRefT™. In addition, profiles of (real) RESISTOGRAPH® devices provide expert information of the extension trends of internal stem decay together with clear information on sequential external compensatory (adaptive) radial increment growth.

Collectively, the use of ArborefT™ together with a (real) RESISTOGRAPH® enables experienced experts to reliably make decisions about tree safety, make more accurate prognosis of decay and recommendations on pruning and communicate this clearly to the client.

Windows, Android, Mac and iOS.