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WSSK Wireless Site Survey Kit

The ICT International Wireless Site Survey Kit is an easy-to-use 2.4GHz wireless strength testing kit, ideal for determining installation locations for ICT Telemetry Hubs, or for general 2.4GHz wireless link testing.

2x MCC Mini Radio Communications Devices
2x 14dB flat panel antennae
2x 5 meter RF cables
2x 5 meter Aluminium or Fibreglass masts
1x USB Power Bank

The Wireless Site Survey Kit is based around the MCC Mini Radio Communications Device. ICT Combined Instrument Software allows for signal strength testing between two ICT Wireless Devices, in this case, 2 MCC Minis.


Signal Strength is displayed in an easy-to-read format, packet sent/received counters and send/receive strength difference shows the quality of the link.

Transmitter Power Approx. 20dBm
Transmitter/Reciever Antenna Gain 14dB
Reciever Sensitivity -85dBm
MCC Mini Power Draw Approx. 100mA
Requirements Requires Windows/Mac Laptop or Tablet