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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

UGT Laboratory Lysimeter

Lysimeters are used to:

  • Monitor the movement, the storage and the degredation of contaminants in the soil, the soil water and soil gas.
  • Monitor the correlation between the soil, environmental influences and plant parameters such as root growth or harvest.
  • Determine the water balance under natural or controlled conditions.
  • Laboratory lysimeters enable special research work.


  • Study soil processes under laboratory conditions
  • Controlled environment allows more precise experiments,
  • Scale is adapted to several processes and permits shorter test times compared to field studies.
  • Different materials can be integrated quickly.
  • Laboratory lysimeters can be used to realise both monoliths and specifically filled columns
  • Lab lysimeters in different configurations.
  • Control the boundary conditions using a suction base or overhead irrigation;