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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.


Universal Wiring Termination Board with 2 Relays for ToughSonic and ToughSonic CHEM ultrasonic sensors.

Use to control valves, pumps and small motors with a ToughSonic sensor and avoid the need for other logic devices.

  • Consolidates all power and interface wiring.
  • Colour-coded sensor wire landings.
  • RJ-11 jack for direct connection to all Senix serial data interfaces and setup kits.
  • Two Form-C dry contact relays rated 5A@250 VAC or 5A@24VDC with LED status indicators.
  • DC power input terminals plus jack for UA-PS-750 power supply.
  • Provides surge power protection on DC input.
  • Includes DIN rail mounting clips. Can be standoff mounted.