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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

TSAP Software

Discover the life history of trees.

TSAP-Win™ offers a powerful software platform for tree ring analyses. All steps, from measurement up to the evaluation of tree ring sequences, are covered by TSAP-Win™. A large number of graphic and statistical functions up to database links are available in TSAP-Win™ and help you manage your data.

TSAP Win Scientific follows the philosophy to cover the basic fields of dendrochronological analysis on one platform:

• Measurement using LINTAB or other devices
• Editing on screen in the graph
• Cross dating on screen, supported by statistical parameters
• Chronology building from cross dated samples or by adding samples to an existing chronology
• Graphs lines, bars, beams, peaks
• Mathematical operations Easy operations, indexation, trend/regression, correlations, statistics table
• Exchange with foreign data formats Catras, Hemmenhofen, Birmensdorf, INRA, Belfast, V Format and others
• Connection of foreign measurement tables Velmex, Aniol and other devices
• Database comfortable sort and search of data), available soon TSAP Win manages time series on data stacks. Thus, samples can be kept apart from references and output data, such as index series.


  • Historical dendrochronology
  • Dendro-ecology
  • Dendro-climatology
  • Increment and stem analyses
  • Geomorphology etc.


  • Different data formats are supported
  • Graphic and statistical synchronization right on the screen
  • Stores marks and comments together with the measured values
  • Detailed data header
  • Modular design: Comprehensive graphics and mathematical library, support of third-party formats, link to SQL databases

Measuring and processing (TSAP-Win™ Basic)

  • Direct control of measurement on the screen
  • Graphic post-processing of data
  • Internal notebook that stores marks and notes
  • Supported software includes LINTAB™

Data analysis (TSAP-Win™ Professional)

  • Additional functions to TSAP-Win™ Basic
  • Synchronization with various mathematical routines
  • Selection of linear or logarithmic Y axis possible
  • Graphic control of synchronization on the screen
  • Easy preparation of a chronology
  • Supported software includes LINTAB™ and VELMEX, and the TUCSON-format

Additional modules

Graphics library

  • Depiction of single and multiple series
  • Line and bar charts
  • Core diagrams
  • Optionally: Header information is represented together with the series/sequences

Mathematical library

  • Segment-oriented cross-date check (similar to COFECHA)
  • Various standardization and indexing routines
  • Mathematical routines such as simple operations, arithmetics, transformation, correlation, regression etc. can be implemented

Format library

  • Easy data exchange between various formats, such as CATRAS, Hemmenhofen, etc. is supported

Table module

  • Device drivers for Aniol, Kutschenreuther, NE 202 etc.

Database (in preparation)

  • Various entries can be selected for the data header to be stored together with your series/sequences
  • TSAP-Win™ selects and sorts your data the way you need them.
  • Possibility of manual and automatic data processing
  • SQL integration for local networks

TSAP-Win™ Scientific

Contains all of the modules and supports scientists/researchers with most tasks of tree ring analysis.

Compatible with:
Windows 8, Vista, XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98, 95.

For tree-ring measurements via LINTAB (or any other device), a serial port or USB port is required.

The following versions and modules are available within the TSAP-family:
– TSAP-Basic: Measurement and editing of tree-ring data (only in connection with LINTAB).
– TSAP-Professional: Basic + cross-dating, chronology building, simple graphs
— Math library: easy operations, arithmetic, square, derivation, transformation, indexation, internal statistics, correlation, trend/regression, average/mean, user plugins.
— Graph library: line graphs (single and multiple), all in one, grid beams, core beams, standard series plot
— Format library: supports exchange of other data formats like CATRAS, Hemmenhofen, Birmensdorf, Matrix, Göttingen, V-Format, Hohenheim, Stanley, Belfast, Sheffield, INRA.
— Table module: supports other measurement tables like Velmex, Aniol, Kutschenreuther, Heidenhain, NE 202.
– TSAP-Win Scientific: Professional + all libraries and modules