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Hukseflux TPSYS02

TPSYS02 is a system for the measurement of thermal conductivity using TP02 or TP08 Non-Steady-State Probes (NSSP). The system is designed for high accuracy measurements. It is particularly suitable for analysis of soils, thermal backfill materials, sediments, foodstuff, powders, sludges, paints and glues.


The measurement with MTN complies with the IEEE Guide for Soil Thermal Resistivity Measurements (IEEE Standard 442-1981) as well as with ASTM D 5334-92 Standard Test Method for Determination of Thermal Conductivity of Soil and Soft Rock. TPSYS is suitable for use by ISO certified laboratories.


  • Hukseflux is specialised in NSSP design. Alternative models, for instance for field use, are available at Hukseflux

More information

  • For use in soils, it is suggested to also consult the brochures of the more robust but less accurate systems FTN, MTN and TNS

The main components of TPSYS02 are the TP02 (or its smaller equivalent, type TP08) Non-Steady-State Probe, the MCU Measurement and Control Unit and software. TP02 and TP08 are designed for measuring in media in the thermal conductivity, lambda, range of 0.1 to 6 W/m.K. The measurement principle is that of a NSSP or Transient Line Source. For details on TP02 or TP08, see their separate brochures. The MCU takes care of the measurement and control process. It is recommended to perform measurements with TPSYS02 in a laboratory environment. A special “field configuration” is available for stand-alone measurements. TPSYS02 is operated in conjunction with a PC or laptop (field configuration: via Keyboard Display). The software arranges communication with the MCU. It serves to give instructions like starting the measurement and allows viewing the measurement results. Unique is that the measurement is extremely fast (several minutes only), absolute and independent of sample size.

TPSYS02 Specifications
Test method ASTM D 5334-92 and IEEE, Standard 442-1981
Sensor supplied TP02 or TP08
Suitable media 0.1 to 6 W/m.K
Accuracy (depends on sample) ± (3%+0.02) W/mK
Typical heating cycle duration 200 s (typical)
Requirements PC equipped with Windows XP (at least), free com port
Options field configuration, arctic version