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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

Hukseflux TNS01

The TNS01 Thermal Needle Set allows for performing fast measurements of the thermal resistivity or conductivity of soils with optimal flexibility. The measurement complies with IEEE Standard 442-1981 as well as with ASTM D 5334-92 Standard.
The system includes two different needles for use in the laboratory as well as on site. It is suggested to also consult the brochures of components FTN and MTN, as well as TPSYS, which is more accurate but has less robust needles.

Table 1: TNS01 essentially consists of a combination of FTN and MTN components: the insertion tool IT02 and needle TP07 of MTN are added to FTN.

Needle Case Tools Added
FTN TP09 TC01 LN01 CRU + Access.
MTN TP07 TC02 IT02 CRU + Access.
TNS TP07 & TP09 TC01 LN01 & IT02 CRU + Access.
Standards IEEE Standard 442-1981 & ASTM D 5334-92 Standard