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Tensiometer - Soil Columns

The 2100F is a specialised unit designed for investigation of soil suction in small regimes such as near the soil surface, or for laboratory work such as measuring soil suction values at various levels in soil columns. The porous ceramic cup is 6 mm in diameter and 2.5 cm long and attaches to the tensiometer body via a 1.8 m length of polyethylene tubing.

The basic components of Model 2100F Soilmoisture Probe include a porous ceramic cup tube assembly, a vent tube, a plastic body tube, and a vacuum gauge. The ceramic cup is placed in good hydraulic contact with the soil and allows transfer of water into and out of the vent and body tubes according to the tension in the soil. The vacuum inside the body tube equilibrates with the soil water tension, and the dial gauge provides a direct readout of the tension.