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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

TDR Slammer Waveguides

The Slammer is a heavy-duty waveguide connector designed for rugged field use. It is designed for inserting waveguides into hard, dry, and compacted soils, and for comfort and ease in making multiple measurements. The removable 2.5 lb sliding hammer can be used to insert waveguides under the most difficult of conditions.

Slammer, heavy-duty 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 cm long waveguides are available.

The Slammer Waveguide Connector is much like any other “balanced” connector used in TDR. The objective of a connector, like the Model 6101, is to provide a low impedance pathway for the stepped electromagnetic TDR pulses generated by Trase. The 50 Ohm high frequency path within the connector delivers maximum power to Waveguides that may be inserted into the soil or other material being measured.


Part number Description
SLAMMER, with Heavy-duty 20 cm long waveguides
6101GL30 SLAMMER, with Heavy-duty 30 cm long waveguides
6101GL40 SLAMMER, with Heavy-duty 40 cm long waveguides
6101GL50 SLAMMER, with Heavy-duty 50 cm long waveguides
6101GL60 SLAMMER, with Heavy-duty 60 cm long waveguides