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TBL1 Flow Gauge

The TB1L Flow Gauge is considered to be one of the most accurate flow gauges used for measuring water flow coming out of a pipe or a drain. The unit comes with a dual reed switch, thus, when connected to a data logger, the data can be stored and collected when required.

Non-Corrosive, Robust PVC & Stainless Steel Construction

Dual Reed Switch

Suitable for Pipe Flow Measurement and water drain measurement

Bucket Tip Volumes can be between 0.5 Litre up to 1.0 Litre

Suitable for Harsh Environments

Material: PVC Plastic and Stainless Steel

  • Reed Switch: dual reed switches potted in soft silicon rubber with varistor protection.
  • Max Capacity: 12 VA (0.5 amp max.) (24VDC is available on request)
  • Resistance: Initial contact resistance 0.1 Ohm
  • Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF): 108 to 109 Operations
  • Flow Rate: 25L per minute
  • Dimensions: Length 390mm, Width 180mm, Height 345mm.