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T4 Tensiometer

Specifically designed for field-use, the T4 ceramic and shaft are engineered to be virtually indestructible when it comes to harsh weather. METER give you a lifetime guarantee on the homogeneous sintered ceramic bulb. The combination of this unbreakable and frost-resistant special ceramic and the new, impact-resistant shaft make the T4 a tensiometer you can rely on year after year in every season. And because only the ceramic is filled with water and air enters only at -1500 kPa, the T4 Tensiometer has a high accuracy of ± 5 kPa, giving you peace of mind.

  • Reliable outdoor tensiometer
  • UV-resistant, durable shaft material
  • Seals and screw connectors are watertight according to IP68
  • Solid construction
  • Year-round operation when installed deeper than 30 cm
  • T4e can be refilled or emptied without removing it from the soil

The cause of tension in tensiometers

The problem with most tensiometers is that they are prohibitively expensive. Not only that, they don’t stand up to year after year of harsh weather conditions like frost, and you’re constantly pulling the tensiometer up to check the water level, which can be especially frustrating during long-term studies.

The search is over

Introducing the T4 tensiometer. The T4 is one of our bestselling tensiometers because it’s robust, precise, and cost-effective at the same time. A fraction of the cost of other tensiometers, it remains one of the most reliable instruments in the world for year-round outdoor monitoring. Plus, the T4’s external refilling tube and simple installation save you an incredible amount of time and effort. On top of all that, the tensiometer is highly responsive.  It reacts much faster to changing soil conditions than lower-quality tensiometers, enabling you to measure even the most minute changes in soil water potential.

No removal? No problem.

We’ve outfitted the T4 with an external refilling tube. No more pulling the tensiometer out of the ground. When it’s time to refill, the T4 can be filled externally without ever having to remove it, saving you considerable time and hassle.

Pain-free installation

To save you even more time and effort, the T4 comes with a perfectly-sized auger to ensure as little soil disturbance as possible.  For spot measurements in the field, just auger a hole and insert the tensiometer.  It’s that easy.  To access the T4 Tensiometer with the computer, simply plug it into the USB port. The Windows software tensioVIEW detects the connected tensiometer, captures its data and presents it in a clear way. You can even configure your T4 quickly and easily via tensioVIEW. For long-term measurement, the T4 connects to any Campbell Scientific data logger.

A tensiometer for all seasons

At METER, we know soil tensiometers. We’ve sold over 10,000 across the span of a quarter century, so we’re confident that if you need a precise, easy, and reliable field tensiometer with outstanding year-round performance, you can rely on the inexpensive T4 Tensiometer.  Its robust, frost-resistant design will never leave you in the cold.

Ceramic cup High-strength special ceramic with homogeneous porosity
Length: 60 mm
Diameter: 24 mm
Temperature shift Temperature-compensated, typical shift 0.5% FS over 20K
Stability typical shift < 0.5% p.a.
Shaft options Various lengths available (standard 300 mm)
Diameter: 25 mm
Material: acrylglass 19/25 mm
**Please indicate shaft length on your order**
Sensor Piezoresistive pressure-transducer
Max. overpressure: ± 3000 hPa
Output signal -100 kPa = -100 ± 3 mV
0 kPa = 0 ± 3 mV
85 kPa = 85 ± 3 mV
Galvanic sensor insulated from soil water, signals analog and continuous
Accurate values according to the calibration certificate
Impedance: ~.5 kOhm
Measuring principle Soil water tension, transmitted via ceramic cup into the tensiometer, onto the water and pressure transducer, giving a continuous analog signal
Electronic principle Asymm. Wheatstone full bridge
Power supply 10.6 VDC (5 – 15 VDC), stabilised
Range +100 to -85 kPa
Accuracy ± 0.5 kPa
Current consumption ~1.3 mA (at 10.6 V)
Cable 1.5 m: 4-pin plug M12
**Please indicate cable length on your order!**
Note METER uses UV-resistant, durable materials for long term field studies. Seals and screw connectors are watertight according to IP68.