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Extractor 15 Bar Stainless Steel

The ultimate protection and durability comes with Soilmoisture’s 1500SS316 All Stainless Steel Extractor. This is the premium extractor for use in extremely harsh testing environments that require additional protection.

For projects with high saline soil conditions, perhaps oil recovery programs with harsh saline and chemical conditions, marsh water reclamation projects or seashore environmental conditions, this is the ideal pressure vessel.

The 1500SS316 all Stainless Steel Extractor can be used without the ongoing threat of oxidation, contamination from rust oxides or deterioration of protective coatings that are inevitably encountered with a mild steel vessel.

The All Stainless Steel Extractor is made completely out of 316 Stainless Steel, and thus provides the same level of protection, reliability, cleanliness and inertness required in commercial food and medical process vessels. The All Stainless Steel Extractor will provide reliable and safe operations just like the 1500F2 Extractor, and furthermore will provide the longest life for pressurised testing! – Measured in Eons.

Made specifically for highly sterile or harsh chemical environments where moderate pressures (220 PSI) and room temperature working conditions are needed.  The all 316 Stainless Steel Vessel and lid will provide many lifetimes of reliable service.

Net Weight: 92 lbs/41.73 Kg.