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The LCJ Capteurs SONIC-ANEMO-DZP is a solar-powered ultrasonic anemometer with Digital Pulse and 0-5V output (wind speed and direction).

Well suited to remote installations where power consumption matters.

A conventional Wind-vane Anemometer includes mechanical rotating parts. These parts are subject to wear and they represent sources of failure of the sensor. Our ultrasonic sensor has been designed to avoid this and to ensure reliable and stable operation. This Wind-vane anemometer shows very stable results over a long term and with no maintenance.
Output Wind Speed: Pulse; Wind Direction: 0-5V
Maximum Measurement Interval 1 Hz
Wind Speed Range 0.13 to 40 m/s
Wind Speed Accuracy 0.13 m/s
Wind Speed Resolution 0.05 m/s
Direction Accuracy ±1°
Direction Resolution
Excitation Voltage PV Panel, battery (voltage input not required)
Current 0 mA from logger
Operating Temperature -15°C to +55°C
Cable 5m
Weight (sensor) 100g