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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

SNiP-RIMS for Rainfall

The SNiP-RIMS is a 'Sensor Node Integrated Package' for LoRaWAN communication of real-time rainfall for continuous meteorological monitoring.


The SNiP-RIMS integrates 1x AD-NODE and 1x RIM-7499-STD to a site’s unique network, communication and power requirements.

The RIMCO RIM-7499-STD siphon controlled tipping bucket rain gauge is a professional instrument designed and constructed for long-term operation with minimal maintenance under all climatic conditions. All materials are corrosion resistant. These proven instruments are accurate to within 3% up to rainfall rates of 190mm/hr.


See Further Specifications on the AD-NODE
See Further Specifications on the RIM-7499-STD Rain Gauge

Further parameters can be added to SNiP-RIMS, without requiring loggers to match each distinct sensor, substantially reducing the cost of getting a fuller picture on the application.