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SNiP-FFM for Runoff

The SNiP-FFM is a 'Sensor Node Integrated Package' for LoRaWAN or CAT-M1 communication of real-time run-off for continuous free-flow rate monitoring.


The SNiP-FFM integrates 1x AD-NODE and 1x Keller Nanolevel to a site’s unique network, communication and power requirements.

The Keller Nanolevel submersible level transmitter utilizes a ceramic measuring cell for high resolution and excellent stability in applications with very low pressure ranges. The dual output feature ensures compatibility with most pump controllers and SCADA systems. The Keller Nanolevel goes with an RBC Flume, which is sold separately.


See Further Specifications on the AD-NODE
See Further Specifications on the Keller Nanolevel submersible level transmitter


Further parameters can be added to SNiP-FFM, without requiring loggers to match each distinct sensor, substantially reducing the cost of getting a fuller picture on the application.


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