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SNiP-CWSI for Crop Water Stress Index

The SNiP-CWSI is a 'Sensor Node Integrated Package' for LoRaWAN communication of real-time canopy transpiration for continuous Crop Water Stress Index calculation.


The SNiP-CWSI integrates 1x MFR-NODE, with 1x Apogee SIL-411 Infrared Radiometer and 1x ATH-2S Ambient Temperature & Humidity Sensor to a site’s unique network, communication and power requirements.

The Apogee SIL-411 Infrared Radiometer measures plant canopy temperature for use in plant water status estimations such as the Crop Water Stress Index (CWSI).

The ATH-2S provides a measurement on Ambient Temperature & Humidity, and with a far higher accuracy drift of better than ±2% Relative Humidity. Another substantial development of the ATH-2 Series design is the removable sensor chip, which can be quickly swapped out in the field for a price far lower than the typical calibration or complete replacement. The ATH-2 Series instrument does not need to be fully removed from the site, freighted and then reinstalled for simple calibration maintenance. This advancement significantly reduces the time, hassle and costs associated with avoiding data gaps and maintaining long-term data integrity.


See Further Specifications on the MFR-NODE
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Further parameters can be added to SNiP-CWSI, without requiring loggers to match each distinct sensor, substantially reducing the cost of getting a fuller picture on the application.