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SNiP-AAO for Air Oxygen Content

The SNiP-AAO is a 'Sensor Node Integrated Package' for LoRaWAN communication of real-time air oxygen content for continuous urban and industrial monitoring.


The SNiP-AAO integrates 1x S-NODE and 1x Apogee Oxygen sensor to a site’s unique network, communication and power requirements.

The Apogee SO-411 Oxygen Sensor has a standard response time of 60 seconds and measures oxygen content (%) of gas/air with SDI-12 Output.


See Further Specifications on the S-NODE
See Further Specifications on the Apogee Oxygen Sensor

Additional parameters can be added to SNiP-AAO, without requiring loggers to match each distinct sensor, substantially reducing the cost of getting a fuller picture on the application.


Apogee Oxygen Sensor for Monitoring Air & Porous Media

Apogee Video on Principles of Environmental Measurement (Oxygen & CO2):