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Runoff Tipping Counter

Runoff Polycarbonate Tipping Counter

These polycarbonate tipping counters with a tipping tray volume of 0.1 l are particularly suitable for determining small flow rates and can be used up to a maximum discharge of 5 l/min. They offer an inexpensive alternative to the V2A tipping counters but are equally weather-resistant. In addition, unlike V2A tipping counters, they are food safe, and can therefore also be deployed in drinking water. A 1% sample of the volume can be filled into the 250 ml PE collecting flask per tipping. The number of tipping actions is recorded by a reed switch which can be connected to a data logger. This enables using IoT to send the pulse directly to the cloud. Then the rate of flow is known in real time.


Runoff V2A Stainless Steel Tipping Counter

The tipping counter made of V2A steel are very robust and inert against water of different origins and composition. Due to the stable material, significantly larger designs are possible than with plastic tipping counters. To accommodate all flow volumes, these tipping counters have a wide range of tipping tray sizes (between 0.1 l and 20 l). Up to a tipping tray volume of 3 liters, the tipping counter can also be equipped with a connection for adequate sampling.

Closed Tipping Tray Counter With Sampling
Runoff SNiP Tipping Tray Volume Flow Litres / Min Material Approximate Size
TCP2 0.1L 2 L Polycarbonate 23 x 22 x 19/12 cm
TCS7 0.5L 7 L Stainless Steel 33 x 21.2 x 21 cm
TCS12 1.0L 12 L Stainless Steel 28 x 35 x 28 cm
TCS24 2.0L 24 L Stainless Steel 28 x 35 x 42 cm
TCS36 3.0L 36 L Stainless Steel 36.5 x 37 x 41 cm
*All Runoff SNiPs incorporate an AD-NODE