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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

RK-1 Rock Sensor Package

The RK-1 Rock Sensor package for the KD2 Pro adds increased functionality for measuring hard materials like rock and concrete. Until now good measurements in very hard materials have not been possible.

Using the same technology as other KD2 Pro sensors, the RK-1’s larger diameter allows the use of a 5/32nd inch rotary hammer drill bit to easily create a properly sized pilot hole. Simply coat the the RK-1 with thermal grease, insert, and measure.


KD2 Pro Thermal Properties Analyser Features

The KD2 Pro is a fully portable field and lab thermal properties analyser. It uses the transient line heat source method to measure thermal conductivity, resistivity, diffusivity, and specific heat. Sophisticated data analysis is based on 30+ years of research experience on heat and mass transfer in soils and other porous materials.

Excellent Accuracy

The compact KD2 Pro controller is much more than a simple readout for time and temperature. A proprietary algorithm fits time and temperature data with exponential integral functions using a non-linear least squares method. This fully mathematical solution delivers thermal conductivity/resistivity to within ±10%.

Corrects for Temperature Drift

Temperature changes of a thousandth of a degree per second–the sun warming the soil, for example, or someone walking into the lab– destroy the accuracy of thermal properties calculations. Unlike other thermal needle systems, the KD2 Pro corrects for linear temperature drift that can cause large errors.

ACCURACY: ±10% from 0.2 – 6 W/(m•K)±0.02 W/(m•K) from 0.1 to 0.2 W/(m•K)
MEASUREMENT SPEED: 10 minute read time
RANGE: 0.10 to 6 W/(m•K) (thermal conductivity) 17° to 1000ºC • cm/W (thermal resistivity)
SIZE: 3.96 mm diameter x 60 mm long
KD2 PRO FIRMWARE: KP 1.23.2 or greater
Included Accessories RK-1 Rock Sensor
User’s manual
Pelican carrying case
Performance verification standards
Thermal grease
Drill bit for drilling pilot holes in materials
Concrete pilot pin