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Hukseflux RHF Ring Heat Flux Sensors

The RHF series consists of customer-specific heat flux sensors incorporated in a stainless steel ring. They are used as building blocks in larger measuring systems, for example to study fouling and slagging in combustion processes. Many RHF’s are eventually part of so-called “deposition probes” or “fouling sensors” designed by the customer. It is particularly suitable for trend monitoring that is necessary for this application. A typical sensor contains 4 separate heat flux and 4 temperature sensors, so that fouling behaviour can be studied at different locations on the sensor at different angles relative to the local gas flow.

Suggested use

  • building block for customer-specific sensors
  • deposition sensors
  • fouling sensors
  • heat flux sensors

RHF series ring heat flux sensors

Sensors of the RHF series are used in scientific as well as operational experiments to study fouling and slagging behaviour. RHF may be employed as a building block, when designing a deposition probe or a fouling sensor. Many RHF sensors are part of multi-purpose probes that also measure local gas temperature and take gas samples (so-called suction probes). RHF’s can be manufactured in many different geometries and dimensions. RHF01 is a version incorporating 4 heat flux / temperature sensors. Usually the RHF is cooled by compressed air or water. Using RHF has the advantage that the sensor is small, so that multiple sensors fit in one tube, providing “directional” information. Also the RHF has a fast response. Hukseflux is specialised in design and manufacturing of slagging and fouling sensors. RHF design is user-specific; geometry and cabling are designed in cooperation with the user for the specific application. We can also build your entire deposition probe.

Measurand: heat flux temperature
Measurement Range: 0 to 300 x10³ W/m²
Sensitivity (nominal): 4 x10⁻⁹ V/(W/m²)
Heat flux sensor: thermopile
Temperature sensor: thermocouple type K
Rated operating range: temperature sensor and high temperature cable: -30°C to +800°C
Response time (95%) 180 s (depends on cooling)
Cooling by air, water or oil (user responsibility)
Validity of calibration: factory calibration may be used for trend monitoring. For absolute measurements re-calibrate when the sensor is built-in
Design: user-specific; geometry and cabling are designed in cooperation with the user for the specific application