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RBC Flumes for Runoff Water Level Discharge

Real time flow volumes are calculated through the input of a user defined stage - discharge look up table, preloaded when supplied with any ICT International RBC Flumes. The RBC flume is designed for the measurement of the flow rate in small, usually earthen, irrigation canals or furrows, and are ideal for use in Watershed and Edge-of-Field Runoff monitoring projects. Stainless steel construction, highly portable and extremely accurate, ICT International's RBC flumes are supplied with a free-flow discharge precision of ±5%. The inset stilling well, houses a submersible pressure transducer and sample extracted inlet.

Flume Code Min. Flow Max. Flow Accuracy Approximate Size (mm)
RBC-50 0.0367 L/sec 1.432 L/sec ±5% 250 x 110 x 85
RBC-100 0.4255 L/sec 8.155 L/sec ±5% 500 x 220 x 170
RBC-200 1.057 L/sec 49.08 L/sec ±5% 1000 x 440 x 340
*All Flumes are Stainless Steel