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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

ProCheck Handheld Reader

The ProCheck instantaneously displays calibrated readings of any Decagon soil moisture or environmental sensor.

The latest version of the ProCheck (the ProCheck C) includes the ability to calculate and display the average and standard deviation for sequentially collected portable measurements.

ProCheck Handheld Reader Features
Real-time Readings

Plug in the handheld ProCheck to get a real-time reading from any Decagon sensor.

Use in Large Scale Installations

During large-scale sensor installations, the ProCheck lets you monitor a sensor’s reading as it is installed. Readout values help you detect installation problems (poor sensor to soil contact, air pockets, rocks, etc.) before you repack the hole or trench.

Assign SDI-12 Addresses

ProCheck can be used to assign SDI-12 addresses to digital sensors (these include the 5TE, 5TM, GS3, MPS-2, and CTD) for easier SDI-12 programming.

Check Soil Moisture Instantly

ProCheck is most often used to spot-check soil moisture, but it can also instantaneously read any other environmental sensor. Press a button to save up to 5,000 individual readings. Each reading includes sensor type, date, time, raw value, calibrated value, and calibration coefficients.

Apply Custom Calibrations

When reading soil moisture sensors, pick from a list of supplied factory calibrations for both soil and soilless media or input your own calibration. Data stored can be downloaded in Excel format using the included software.


A rugged case is available if you plan on using your ProCheck in multiple locations.

Input channels: 1 channel
Data Storage: 1 MB (5,000 readings)
Sensor Types: ProCheck firmware versions up to 1.5C: All environmental, soil moisture, and water potential sensors sold by Decagon before November 2012
ProCheck firmware versions after 1.5C: All environmental, soil moisture, and water potential sensors sold by Decagon
Operating Environment: -5° to 50°C
Power Requirements: 4 AA alkaline batteries (typically good for 40 hours of use)
Case Dimensions: 15.5 cm x 9.5 cm x 3.3 cm
Case Material: Splash-proof case (NEMA 1, IP20)
Interface Cable: Serial RS232 (cable included)
Display: 128 x 64 graphic display
Software Interface: ProCheck Utility
Optional Carrying Case: Tradesman brand carrying case
Compliance: CE
Warranty: One year, parts and labour