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Apogee PQ-640 Package: microCache and Quantum Light Pollution

This promotional package includes a SQ-640 Quantum Light Pollution sensor with a 30 cm cable, a microCache Bluetooth micro-logger, an AA-090 protective Neoprene Case, and an AM-020 Apogee PVC Sensor Platform. When paired, these two devices are a powerful tool for monitoring photon flux density (PFD) with research-grade accuracy for optimal specimen growth. Apogee’s new SQ-640 sensor is designed to detect photons from 340-1040 nm that are below the sensitivity level of a typical quantum sensor. Detecting stray photons that disrupt dark periods can be important in researching and preventing morphogenic effects such as hermaphrodism, stem elongation, and poor flowering in certain sensitive plants. These photons can even come from unexpected sources like street lights, signs, and IR security cameras.

The new AT-100 microCache (µCache) micro-logger is a rugged, standalone, battery-powered device that can collect over 400,000 data points and connects your sensor to your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth using our free ApogeeConnect app. The app allows you to make real-time measurements, set custom datalogging intervals, monitor and graph daily lights integrals, assure photoperiods, download datasets, and more.