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PQ-620 Package: microCache and Extended Range PFD sensor

This promotional package includes a SQ-620-SS2 Extended Range PFD sensor (with a 30cm cable), a microCache Bluetooth micro-logger, an AA-090 protective Neoprene Case, and an Apogee PVC Sensor Platform.

When paired, these two devices are a powerful tool for monitoring photon flux density (PFD) with research-grade accuracy for optimal specimen growth. The new SQ-620 sensor is for measuring the newest generation of LED grow lights with wavelengths outside the traditional 400-700 nm PAR range. Research has shown the value of adding UV and far-red LEDs to achieve various disease control and photomorphogenic effects.

The extended range filter of the SQ-620 allows it to measure photons from UV and Far-red. The 1040 nm top cutoff also means the sensor will measure the thermal output of HPS fixtures and other broad-spectrum lights above the range that influences plants; therefore, the sensor is intended only for use in LED environments.

The new AT-100 microCache (µCache) micro-logger is a rugged, standalone, battery-powered device that can collect over 400,000 data points and connects your sensor to your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth using our free ApogeeConnect app. The app allows you to make real-time measurements, set custom datalogging intervals, monitor and graph daily lights integrals, assure photoperiods, download datasets, and more.


Alternatively the PQ-622 Package comes with 2m cable. The extended 2 meter cable allows the microCache to be positioned further from the sensor, such as out of the water when used with coral reef tanks or for other applications.