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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

Porous Plastic Plates

ecoTech Plastic Suction Plates are available in two different executions: 4321H and 4321V.
Execution 4321H was developed for horizontal installation and the extraction of mainly vertical flowing soil water. It is applicable as single plate as well as together with other plates. Each plate has a tongue and groove system, allowing the plates to be connected to each other to build a suction surface of any size.

Execution 4321V is specially designed for vertical installation and the extraction of lateral flowing soil water (interflow). 4321V plates are constructed with the same tongue and groove system as 4321H plates.

Both types of suction plate are constructed as a multilayer system. A porous plate is embedded into a solid block with a drainage system for the sampled water. The porous plate is covered by a polyamide membrane, which is protected by 3mm coarse PE.

The mean filter element of the suction plate is polyamide with a pore size of 0.45µm.

– High bubble point of around 2 bar.
– Extremely high hydraulic conductivity.
– Very low adsorption capacity.

Studies of preferential migrating anorganic solutes, such as heavy metals or phosphate, with very little adsorption losses.
Extraction of soil water over large areas for the quantitative determination of solute fluxes.

Suction plates are used for the extraction of soil solution to study solute concentrations and solute fluxes in soils. They allow sampling of soil solution at the same site as often as required.
One important reason for the use of suction plates is their area-related sampling of soil water. The probability of gathering preferential fluxes and taking them into account therefore is higher than with the use of suction cups.

Plate Filter medium Polyamide membrane
Pore size 0.45 µm
Substructure Porous polyethylene
Size of suction area 210 x 210 mm
Total size 250 x 250 mm
Bubble Point at least 1000 hPa (1 bar)
Output about 1000 ml/min
(at water saturation and 500 hPa suction)
Tube Material Polyamide or PTFE