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Model DCCI Cavitation Chamber 100 Bar

This instrument is used to simulate cavitation of xylem vessels in plants under stress. A plant stem, limb or root is introduced into the Cavitation Chamber and a head of water is connected to the sample to measure water conductivity. The chamber is then pressurized to “seed” air into the xylem. It can be used to establish vulnerability curves in plants or to continue research in the area of xylem cavitation.

Maximum Operating Pressure: 100 bar (10 MPa)
Chamber Construction: Solid Stock Stainless Steel
Cavitation Chamber Construction: Solid Stock Stainless Steel
Read-out: Digital Gauge (Reads in Bar, MPa or PSI)
Size: (L x W x H) 13 × 11 × 10 inches, 33 × 28 × 24 cm
Weight: 25 Lbs / 11 Kg
Gauge: 2.5” Diameter Gauge, 1/2 of 1% accuracy