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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

PWS-100 PlantScale

The ICT International PlantScale incorporates an NTEP approved, high performance, IP66 rated single point load cell with rated capacity options of 50Kg, 100Kg and 150kg maximum ranges; special humidity resistant protective load cell coating assures long term stability over the entire compensated temperature range. Providing serial SDI-12 output, multiple PlantScales can be easily bussed together and connected to a common datalogger or IoT node.


The PlantScale-100 is available in a preconfigured IoT (Internet of Things) setup for continuous real-time monitoring.


PWS R1-0 SDI-12 Interface:

  • 9-16 Volts DC, 0.2Watts idle, 0.384Watts during measurement.
  • Requires Permanent or Persistent power present at the interface in order to sustain starting weight and/or change.

Total load cell accuracy is approximately 0.05 ±% of rated output (e.g. ±30g over 60kg full range).

The thermal dependence is ca 3 mg/K, see below testing:
Thermal Dependence Testing