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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

Ampha Z40 Pollen Analyzer

Measure pollen of all crops
The Ampha Z40 Pollen Analyzer allows for fast and efficient pollen measurement of all relevant plant species ranging from vegetables and row crops to ornamentals and trees. Amphasys provides detailed application recommendations and support for more than 250 species.
In addition to pollen characterization, the Ampha Z40 can also be used as a powerful tool to determine pollen ploidy or the developmental stages of microspores. Pinpointing the right developmental stages for DH production significantly increases the output and efficiency of embryos.

Acquire and Share Standardized Pollen Information from Breeding to Seed Production
The information provided by the Ampha Z40 can be used along all stages from early research in plant breeding up to commercial seed production:

  • to improve doubled haploid (DH) plant production
  • for line selection in breeding
  • to optimize pollen storage, pollination protocols and female to male ratio
  • for routine pollen quality control in commercial seed production

Research to routine flexibility
The Ampha Z40 is the high-end pollen analyzer which covers all requirements for research as well as for routine measurements. The possibility to adapt protocols and settings in a flexible way to match the requirements of specific research topics makes it an ideal tool for in-depth analyses:

  • creation of own protocols
  • manual gating strategies
  • free variation of settings
  • adaption of buffer solutions

The Ampha Z40 Pollen Analyzer is the successor of the Ampha Z32, dedicated for pollen analysis:

  • Pollen viability
  • Pollen concentration
  • Microspore developmental stages
  • Pollen ploidy

The key features of this new device are:

  • New syringe pump for more precise volume control and higher concentration accuracy
  • Embedded PC with full software, no license purchase required
  • Improved fluidic system for fast measurement and less chip clogging