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Piezo-M 150

Piezometers are used for monitoring of shallow ground water, to study ground water – surface water interactions and processes at the hyporheic zone.

By using water level loggers it is possible to measure the water head in different piezometers, estimate flow directions between ground water and surface water. Optional, it is possible to install different other sensor for measuring temperature, electric conductivity, oxygen and other parameters, which provide useful information about the conditions of the water bodies.


  •  Fast and simple handling
  • Measurement of vertical hydraulic gradients
  • Additional simple sampling
  • Short filter screen -> high vertical resolution
  • Versatile

Other tests which can be performed using piezometers are for example slug tests to estimate the hydraulic conductivity of the sediment, or tracer tests to evaluate the ground water flow velocity.

The piezometer is driven into the ground using a driving head adapter and a hammer. It can be removed with a steel lifting jack with lever and chain.

  Pipe: Inner diameter: 42.7 mm or 34.0 mm
Outer diameter: 38.7 mm or 30.0 mm
Wall Thickness: 2 mm
Length: 1500 mm
Filter: Screen length: 78 mm
Width: 0.35 mm
Material: Stainless steel
Stainless steel cap prepared for logger attachment
Stainless steel drive-point tip