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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

ML-Tie-S Temperature MinLog Tie (Stainless Steel)

ICT MiniLog Tie measures temperature (± 0.15 deg.C), comes in an IP69 case immersible up to 20m, with non-volatile data memory 60,000 measured values, and 3.6V lithium battery (user replace-able).


ML-Tie-S comes in stainless steel case.

See ML-Tie-P for white or black plastic casing.

Diameter: 20mm
  • Stainless Steel
  • Infrared wireless data access
  • High accuracy
  • Non-volatile memory, typically 60,000 readings
  • Watertight sturdy design
  • Long lasting lithium battery
  • Typical battery life four years; memory capacity one year at least
  • Advanced Windows® software including basic statistics, regression analysis and user programmable calculation.
Voltage range ±20 mV to ±1.250mV in eight ranges
Resolution 16 bits
Voltage accuracy 0.03% of full scale
Operating ranges
temperature -40 to 60 deg.C
relative humidity (TH) 0 to 100%
measuring intervals 10 sec to 4 hrs
interval of averaging (storing) 10 sec to 4 hrs
clock accuracy (-10 až 40 deg.C) better than ±1 minute per month
memory size 128 kByte
memory capacity up to 60,000 measured values
Battery Lithium 3.6V; 900mAh
Battery lifetime
measuring interval 1 min 1 year
measuring interval 1 hour ca 6 years
Built-in sensors accuracy
temperature ± 0.15 deg.C
relative humidity (TH) ± 2%
radiation ± 5%
Protection rating IP69
Size (diameter x length) 30 x 84mm (20 x 104 mm slim design)
Weight 80 to 100 g