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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

ML-315 3G Datalogger

The ML-315 datalogger is a small, ultra low power, high-end datalogger with built-in 3G modem, capable of emailing data files, as well as uploading data to webservers via FTP and TCP.
Data is stored and sent in .csv format.
The integrated solar panel and rechargeable batteries allow the ML-315 to operate continuously without maintenance, perfect for remote installations.

  • Integrated solar panel.
  • 2GB expandable MicroSD card storage.
  • 2x 0-20mA inputs.
  • 2x 0-10v inputs.
  • RS232 Input/Output.
  • RS485 Input/Output.
  • SDI-12 connection – up to 7 sensors, contact ICT for other requirements.
  • 3x 0-5V digital inputs.
  • Potentiometer input.

Data can be sent automatically to the email address of your choice, or uploaded automatically to any web server via FTP or TCP.

Remote data access and delivery requires a SIM card.

The ML-315 is a simple self-contained datalogger with an integrated solar panel. This makes it perfect for use as a weather station.
ICT can provide an external breakout box to more easily connect SDI-12 or RS485 sensors to the ML-315.

An example weather station setup could be:
Decagon VP-3, relative humidity, temperature and vapour pressure.
Decagon DS-2 Sonic Anemometer – Wind speed, Direction and Temperature.
SP-214 Pyranometer – Global shortwave radiation.
MPS-6 Soil water potential.
Rain Gauge.

0-20mA Inputs Two
0-10V Inputs Two
RS232 Input One Input/Output
RS485 Input One Input/Output
SIM card: Standard SIM card (Mini-SIM, 2FF)
Data Storage 2GB Micro-SD Card included, expandable
Power Supply 3x AA Rechargeable batteries and integrated solar panel
Power Consumption: • 100mA@3.6V average operating current during a duty cycle of less than 1 sec per log interval
• 250mA@3.6V average operating current during 20 to 60 sec. GPRS data transfer
• 100uA@3.6V sleep current
• 100mA@12V switchable power outlet to power external sensor
Enclosure IP67 rated, polycarbonate, solar panel enclosure is glass-fibre reinforced polyamide.
Designed for outdoor operation.

YDOC Board

1) Analog inputs: 0-20mA, 0-10V, 2 Ground inputs, Potentiometer input, Potentiometer Reference.
2) RS232 Tx, RS232 Rx, RS485 +, RS485 -, SDI-12 Input, Ground.
3) Digital Input 1-3, Ground.
4)  Switched power output, Alarm Output, Ground.
5) Optional accessory port.
6) 3G Modem
7) Internal/External antenna selection jumper.
8) U.FL connector for external antenna.
9) Internal Antenna.
10) Connector for optional external waterproof USB connector.
11) Internal USB Connector.
12) Processor.
13) SIM (2FF) and Micro SD card holder.
14) Fuse.
15) 3.6V Power Supply Connector (To PV Solar Panel Enclosure)
16) Optional D-Size Lithium Battery Holder (For Non-Solar models).
17) Real Time Clock (RTC) battery.

  • ATMOS 14 Temperature & Humidity
    Relative Humidity, Air Temperature, and Vapor Pressure measurements with or without a passive radiation shield. 5m cable.
  • ATMOS 22 Sonic Anemometer
    The ATMOS 22 is a rugged, research-grade two-dimensional sonic anemometer. Especially well-suited for measuring wind within plant canopies, where wind speeds are often below the threshold of a cup anemometer. Resolution of 0.01 m/s.
    Wind speed and direction. 5m cable.
  • Decagon 10HS Moisture
    The 10HS is used to measure volumetric moisture content of soils and other material for scientific research and agricultural applications.
    10cm soil moisture sensor. 5m cable.
  • Decagon EC-5 Moisture
    The EC-5 is used to measure volumetric moisture content of soils and other material for scientific research and agricultural applications.
    5cm soil moisture sensor. 5m cable.
  • Decagon GS1 Rugged VWC
    The GS1 is a ruggedized version of Decagon's basic, no-frills soil moisture only sensor. It accurately measures volumetric water content in soil or soilless media.
  • Decagon GS3 VWC, Temp + EC
    The GS3 soil moisture, temperature, and EC sensor is the newest sensor in the Decagon system.
    The GS3 measures water content, temperature, and bulk electrical conductivity.
    5m cable.
  • ECRN-100 High Resolution Rain Gauge
    ECRN-100 High Resolution Rain Gauge (0.2mm resolution). 5m cable.
  • HYDROS 21 Water Level Sensor
    Ground water monitoring: EC, temperature, and water depth to 3.5m. 3.5mm stereo plug connector. 10m cable.
  • PHYTOS 31 Leaf Wetness Sensor
    The Meter PHYTOS 31 leaf wetness sensor is standardised, calibrated, and designed to detect wetness (presence and duration) and ice formation right out of the box. No painting, baking, or user calibration required.
  • SP-110 Pyranometer
    The SP-110 is a low cost yet highly accurate self-powered sensor with a millivolt output and exhibits excellent cosine response. The SP-110 is the first choice sensor for scientists who want to measure global solar radiation.
  • SQ-110 Sun Calibrated PAR Sensor
    The SQ-110 is a self-powered quantum sensor that measures photosynthetically active radiation and is calibrated for use in sunlight.
  • SU-100 Ultraviolet Sensor
    Apogee UV sensors incorporate a photodiode that measures combined UVA and UVB radiation. The sensor housing design features a fully potted, domed-shaped head making the sensor fully weatherproof and self-cleaning.
  • Davis Anemometer Sensor
    Davis Anemometer Sensor. Wind speed and wind direction. Installation arm included.