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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

MF-200 LoRaWAN Satellite Bridge

Satellite communications for remote LoRaWAN Infrastructure.

The MF 200 IoT Satellite Bridge provides network server connectivity for 100 remote LoRaWAN sensors via the Inmarsat IsatDataPro (IDP) satellite terminal. The MF 200 runs an optimized protocol to ensure that airtime satellite costs per sensor are kept to a minimum.

■ Global coverage with the Inmarsat IsatData Pro satellite network
■ Compatible with wide range of COTS LoRaWAN sensors
■ Easy mechanical integration
■ Cloud based interface and API for remote LoRaWAN configuration (No field visits required for reconfiguration)

■ 1 x MF-200 enclosure
■ 1 x LoRa antenna
■ 1 x PSU with locking barrel & interchangeable mains plugs
■ 1 x Ethernet patch cable

Satellite airtime costs per sensor

The MF 200 IoT Satellite Bridge is optimized to transmit data from LoRaWAN IoT sensors over the Inmarsat IDP satellite link in an extremely reliable and low cost way. It does so by a client/server bridge architecture. The MinFarm Bridge Client (see Network Architecture diagram) forwards sensor payload traffic over the very high latency non-IP packet data satellite services of Inmarsat IDP. This makes the MF 200 IoT Satellite Bridge an extremely cost effective way to add satellite connectivity to remote LoRaWANTM sensor installations.

Compatible Nodes & Sensors

The MF 200 IoT Satellite Bridge is compatible with ICT International’s nodes. ICT International nodes have a wide range of IoT-compatible sensors and allow for many sensor combinations. Customers can choose to start with base packages from our range of SNiPs (Sensor-Node IoT Packages) and add on sensors to measure additional parameters. Contact us today to discuss your application with our team of soil, forest, and environmental scientists.

The RMS-140 Remote Monitoring Power Supply System is used to support the MF-200 for off-grid installations

LoRa Specifications

LoRa Channel Plans: EU868, US915, AU915, AS923 (Other channel plans available on request)

Channel Capacity: 8 channels

LoRa Power Output: 27 dBm maximum output power