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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

LoRaWAN Soil Oxygen Station

The LoRaWAN Soil Oxygen Station is comprised of a V-Node and an ICTO2 Soil Oxygen Sensor.

The ICTO2 measures oxygen based on the galvanic cell principle and does not require voltage input, making it ideal for low-power installations.

If on-board data logging is required, the MFR-Node can be used in place of the V-Node.

The ICTO2 Soil Oxygen Sensor is not affected by saline or sodic soils and can be used in wide ranging applications. For example, in the mining and landfill industries the sensors could be buried in wastes to aid assessment of the effectiveness of covers designed to reduce oxygen flux into the waste.

Soil Oxygen Sensor Features

  • Can be used for long term observation with easy set-up.
  • Automatic temperature compensation as it has a built in thermocouple compensation circuit.
  • Not influenced by the rain or water. TEFLON water protection.
  • Easy span calibration. Users can calibrate at the usual atmosphere (20.9% Oxygen concentration).
  • Zero calibration is not needed. 0% Oxygen = 0 mV output.


The V-NODE supports two differential or four single ended sensors. With a 24-bit ADC and stable 3V or 10V excitation voltages, the V-NODE designed for those requiring precision in their analogue measurements.

Use a SAFT Lithium-ion battery for low powered sensors or scale up the power system with a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery and external solar panel.

  • LoRaWAN™ low-power long-range connectivity
  • Supports 2x differential or 4x single ended sensor.
  • 24-bit ADC with stable 3V or 10V excitation voltages
  • Optional 2 x 32-bit dry-contact counting digital inputs.
  • Solar rechargeable Lithium-ion, Single use LiSOCl2, or external 12V power options
  • Optional Multi-constellation GNSS
  • Optional Digital Pulse Inputs
  • Threshold Based Alarms
  • IP65 standard enclosure, IP67 optional
Theory Galvanic battery + porous membrane sheet
Shape Diameter 35 mm, length 65mm
(cable connector length 50mm)
Output 45~65 mV at 20.9% O2
(users must check the output of the air before set-up)
Accuracy ±0.5%
Weight 220 grams (includes 5m cable)
Cable Length 5 m (+ white, – black, shield cable)
Temperature effect At R.H. 100% and O2 20.9% – Sensor output is 20.8% at 5°C, 19.4% at 40°C.
At R.H. 0% and O2 20.9% – Sensor output is not influenced by temperature.
Temperature 0~40°C when in use