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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

Keller Nanolevel

The Nanolevel submersible level transmitter utilizes a ceramic measuring cell for high resolution and excellent stability in applications with very low pressure ranges. The dual output feature ensures compatibility with most pump controllers and SCADA systems.

The Keller Nanolevel is available in a preconfigured IoT (Internet of Things) setup for continuous real-time water level monitoring.


Pressure Ranges Infinite between 0~4 and 0~120 inWC
Output 4~20 mA+RS485
Accuracy, Static at 25°C 0.1% FS
Accuracy, Total Error Band
See Datasheet for Details
Standard: 0.25% BR TEB

Optional: 0.1% BR TEB

Compensated Temp. Range 10~50°C