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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

IoT Sensor-Node Package Combinations

ICT International offer a range of Internet of Things packages that allow the user to add additional sensors to a base package. Combinations can be focused on the measurement of a single aspect of the Soil Plant Atmosphere Continuum (SPAC), or can capture all or part of the SPAC.

Full Catalogue

The full catalogue of ordering sheets can be found here

Choosing your package

Please select from the following base packages (page numbers refer to the full catalogue of ordering sheets):


  • Automatic Weather Station (SNiP-AWS5L) (Page 4)
  • Microclimate Weather Station (SNiP-MCS) (Page 5)


  • Fixed Multidepth Soil Moisture (SNiP-EP) (Page 6)
  • Variable Depth Soil Moisture (SNiP-MP4) (Page 7)


  • Plant Monitoring Station 1 (SNiP-PMS1) (Page 8)
  • Plant Monitoring Station 2 (SNiP-PMS2) (Page 10)
  • Sap Flow Meter SFM1x (Page 11)

Water Quality:

  • Water Quality Station (SNiP-WQS) (Page 12)