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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

ICT SDI1 | SDI-12 Logger

SDI-12 is a digital output format commonly used with environmental sensing systems. The SDI-12 Logger has been developed by ICT International to measure the many and ever increasing number of sensors with SDI-12 output. The SDI-12 Logger can support up to 30 sensors, stores data on an internal MicroSD card for retrieval either using the USB port, 2.4GHz wireless; or, when combined with the ICT International Telemetry Hub, via mobile phone or satellite networks.

Designed to allow easy access to the collected data, the SDI-12 Logger stores data on an internal MicroSD card for retrieval either using the USB port, 2.4GHz wireless; or, when combined with the ICT International Telemetry Hub, via mobile phone or satellite networks.

Within Combined Instrument Software, common SDI-12 sensors are pre-programmed in a look up database, requiring minimal prior knowledge of the sensor outputs. Additional sensors that are not in the database can be added for future applications; Combined Instrument Software is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

Powered by a Lithium Polymer battery, charged either via a solar panel for field applications, or the CH24 24 Volt power supply from ICT International for laboratory applications, the SDI-12 Logger is a versatile logger for a variety of applications.

Designed specifically for collecting data from SDI-12 sensors, the SDI-12 Logger is capable of collecting data from a maximum of 30 individual sensor units and capable of logging up to 250 parameters for measuring a wide range of plant, soil and atmospheric properties. Collected data is stored on an easily removable internal MicroSD card in CSV format, allowing a user to either take the card out and read the data file directly on their PC or download data directly from the SDI-12 Logger via a USB cable. Remote access using either a 2.4GHz wireless network – over distances up to 4km depending on setup and environmental conditions – or in combination with the ICT International Telemetry Hub (utilising either a 3G mobile phone or satellite network), data can be transferred wirelessly and uploaded to the cloud-based data server.

The ICT International Combined Instrument Software (CIS) provides an intuitive interface for viewing live measurements, downloading logged data, and configuring the SDI-12 Logger and input sensors. Drawing from a database maintained by ICT International the most commonly used SDI-12 sensors for soil, plant and environmental monitoring can be configured easily within CIS, without requiring detailed user knowledge about sensor outputs. SDI-12 sensors which aren’t in the database can be configured manually. The CIS allows the end user to perform common actions on the SDI-12 bus such as single device query, device address changing and bus address scanning. To reduce the need for data post processing, the ICT International SDI-12 Logger utilises a system of conversion tables and scripts. Measurements collected from sensors can be converted into derived values directly on the logger itself or combined to create completely separate, virtual channels.

Powered by an internal Li-Po battery, the SDI-12 Logger is kept charged by directly connecting a solar panel to the logger or an ICT International CH24 24 Volt DC power supply. When charging via a solar panel, the battery charge rate is automatically matched to available sunlight and battery status.

Data Storage and Transfer:
  • CSV files, FAT32 MicroSD/SDHC cards up to 32GB.
  • USB 2.0 Full Speed (12Mbps)
SDI-12 Communication Protocol
  • Connect with up to 10 devices, or more depending on application.
  • Compatible with SDI-12 Specification 1.3
Concurrently handles Sensors with:
  • Result Output (aR!)
  • Measurement Command (aM!)
  • Concurrent Measurement Command (aC!)
Logging Rate: From once per second to once per day using:

  • Sub minute measurement intervals (1s – 60s)
  • Standard measurement intervals (1m – 60m)
  • Custom measurement intervals (up to 24 custom measurement times)
Channels: Up to 250 channels, including:

  • Direct sensor readings
  • Converted sensor readings
  • Virtual channels
Bus Power Management: Bus Power Modes:

  • Power down after measurement
  • Always on Bus monitoring:
    • Bus current monitoring and logging
    • Bus voltage monitoring and logging
  • Maximum Power Output (SDI-12): 12V at 1 Amp (not continuous).
Power Supply:
  • Internal Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery
  • Rechargeable via:
    • 22W Solar Panel charge rate automatically adjusts depending on available sunlight
    • ICT International CH24 24 Volt Power Supply
  • Extruded hard anodised aluminium body
  • UV, moisture, and impact resistant endcaps
  • 316 stainless steel external fasteners
  • Sealed service hatch provides access to power switch, USB connection and MicroSD card


  • CH24 - 24 Volt Power Supply
    The CH24 is a 100 - 240Volts AC Mains to 24Volts DC power supply adapter; capable of outputting up to 2.5Amps. For most ICT Instruments.
  • ICT CIS - Cloud Data Analysis and Display
    The ICT CIS and DataView.
  • ICT Universal Telemetry Hub
    ICT Universal Telemetry Hub
  • MCC Mini
    The MCC Mini is a simple to use USB Serial to Radio Communications device providing a high level of integrity in data transfers. Its miniature design and minimalist approach make it an attractive solution for portable computers and less intrusive workstation setups where space and weight are of concern.
  • SP22 - 20 Watt Solar Panel
    SP22 - 20 Watt Solar Panel with 4m cable suitable for powering our SFM1, PSY1, HFD, SOM1, SMM1 etc products.