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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

Hydroclean Anti-Fouling System

For Digisens NTU Sensor.

• Automatic cleaning system for numerical sensor NTU
• Ultra-low power consumption for long term deployments
• Easy to install and simple to operate


• Urban wastewater treatment
• Industrial effluent treatment
• Surface water monitoring,
• Sea water monitoring, fish farming, aquarium

The HYDROCLEAN is a mechanical wiper system designed to fit the Digisens NTU. Using a regular gentle brushing action, the Hydro-Wiper keeps the optical window of the instrument clean from bio-fouling and other unwanted deposits such as mud.

The HYDROCLEAN system offers the following features :
• Ultra-low power consumption for long term deployments
• Brush design that has been extensively field proven in extreme conditions
• On board self monitoring for reliable operation: if the wiper arm is knocked in front of the instrument face, the wiper arm automatically moves to one side.
The system is coupled with a wiper control module integrated in a box, containing 6 alkaline batteries for autonomous applications. The system can also operate in external 6 – 18 V power supply mode.

Wipe Interval: 15, 30, 45, 60, 120, 180, 240, 300, 360 or 720 mins
Clock Accuracy: +/- 1 minute per year (0-40°C)
Power Supply: 6 x alkaline AA batteries
Power Consumption: Quiescent: 0.02mA; ~80mA during a wipe
Battery Life: Wipe interval dependent, > 4 months with a 120 minute wipe interval
Battery Housing O-ring: #142 (2 3/8” x 3/32”)
Construction: Passivated stainless steel, Acetal, Ertalyte
Wiper Shaft: Multiple bearing support with quad ring seal
Depth Rating: 30 meters as standard
Cable: EPDM jacketed cable between the wiper and battery housing (1 meter standard length)
Cable Entry: Cable gland with strain relief, O-ringed puck and resin back fill
Cable: Additional cable between the wiper and battery housing
External Trigger: External trigger input to control the wipe operation

The wiper control housing contains:
• Batteries
• Control electronics
• On/off power switch
• Wipe interval select switch
• Diagnostic LED indicator