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Hukseflux HTR01 Heater

Hukseflux, the world market leader in heat flux sensors, simplifies heat flux sensor calibration. HTR01 is a heater with 4-wire connection with a known surface area and electrical resistance. It is used for calibration and functionality checks of FHF-type heat flux sensors. Users can now easily and objectively check their sensor performance before and after use. See also model FHF02SC heat flux sensor with integrated heater.

Suggested use

  • calibration and verification of performance of FHF-type sensors

HTR01 heater for calibration and verification of performance of FHF-type sensors

Measuring heat flux, users may wish to regularly check their sensor performance. A quick check or if you like even a formal calibration is now possible with HTR01 plus some accessories that most laboratories will have in-house. The HTR01 heater has a well characterised a traceable surface area and electrical resistance.

HTR01 is a foil heater. Either it can be used as a general-purpose heater or it can be used in combination with foil heat flux sensors such as FHF01 and FHF02 for test and calibration purposes.

Power Supply Voltage 12 VDC
Heater Area 2062 x10⁻² m²
Heater resistance range: 100 Ω (nominal)
Heater thickness: 0.1 x10⁻³ m
Operating temperature range: -40 to +150°C
Heater rated power supply: 9 to 15 VDC
Standard wire length: 2 m (2 x 2 wires)
Certificate: supplied with a certificate stating surface area in [m²] and heater resistance in [Ω]
Requirements for testing: metal heat sink > 1 kg; power supply 12 VDC; 0.2 A; insulation material; contact material such as glycerol or toothpaste
Options: longer wire length upon request