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GTLA GroundTruth Lysimeter Autosampler

The GTLA GroundTruth Lysimeter System

The GroundTruth Lysimeter System combines a very large repacked strip lysimeter with automated, real-time drainage measurement and water sampling. This allows accurate measurement of nutrient losses in the field, viewable in real-time. Each strip lysimeter is a transect, usually 10m long. The actual dimensions can be larger and are tailored to the site.
One 10m long, 4m² lysimeter has an equivalent capture area to twenty 50cm diameter column lysimeters, eighty 25cm diameter miniature lysimeters, or approximately 500 suction cups. One lysimeter can monitor average losses from a field site, providing real-time feedback on the effect of management on nutrient loss, to a level of accuracy that would require a large number of smaller sampling devices. 3-5 lysimeters can measure loss to a very high degree of accuracy while providing replication for statistical analysis, replacing an intensive research-grade suction cup array.

The GroundTruth lysimeter can be installed across crop rows or plots, to integrate variation in the field. Once installed, the lysimeter is completely below-ground, unaffected by farm operations, and undamaged by cultivation.

How It Works

All water that drains through this lysimeter is pumped to a LoRaWAN-connected autosampler, located up to 100m away. This allows the lysimeter to be placed in a representative area of a field, while the only above-ground device is at the fenceline. All research and maintenance can occur without entering the field, and without disturbing the crop. The autosampler measures real-time drainage volume and electrical conductivity, and collects a 1% flow-proportional subsample of all drainage for later laboratory analysis, e.g. nutrients, microbiology, pesticide residues. The volume of the sample collected is available online and via email alerts, so the site only needs to be visited when an actual sample requires collection. The system has been designed for remote deployment and easy sample collection by unskilled field staff.

GTLA Autosampler

Surface Area Standard 0.4 x 10 m, 4m² (customisable)
Depth Standard 1 m (customisable)
Lower Boundary Wick or free drainage
Side Walls 30cm – 1m
Positioning Up to 100m from autosample


GTLA Lysimeter

Measurement Principles
Drainage Volume Pump & Physically Measure
Nutrient Loss
(Primary Measurement):
1% flow-proportional sample for lab analysis
Nutrient Loss
(Real-time Estimate):
Electrical Conductivity
Data (Real-time): Drainage Volume, EC, Sample awaiting collection
Data (After Chemical Analysis): Nutrient Loss
Power Supply Solar 12V
Communications LoRaWAN (contact us for other options)
Accessories Rain Gauge. Up to 8 TEROS-12 soil moisture / temperature / EC sensors